Rose Collection

Cherry Charm - Hatbox from €74.95 EUR
Ivory Bliss - Hatbox from €74.95 EUR
Golden Elegance - Hatbox from €74.95 EUR
Red Rose - Hatbox from €148.95 EUR
Pink Rose - Hatbox from €150.95 EUR
Purple Rose - Hatbox from €148.95 EUR

Roses are typically associated with love and romance, but each different colour rose actually symbolises something different. For example, a yellow rose symbolises friendship, pink rose is given to represent sweetness and joy, while a white rose has the meaning of innocence and purity. 

Also, with that been said the number of roses that is given in a given floral arrangements can deliver a particular message. One rose normally symbolises love a first sight, two says "I love you", seven highlights "I'm infatuated with you" and nine symbolises eternal love. 

So why not order flowers with love today for that special person in your life? To even make your more confident with your order we will send you a video approval, guarantee 7-Day freshness, offer same day & next day delivery across Ireland.