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Below are some styles that might help you decide on what you really wish to be holding when you walk down the aisle.

1. Hand tied Bridal Bouquet is the simplest one, if you want it to look more casual, then this one's for you. It looks like they are freshly picked from the garden – tied with a ribbon.

2. Round bridal bouquet is almost similar to the Hand Tied bridal bouquet, only that this is more standard than the latter, arranged in a dome or round style, and is composed with just one type of flower and some fillers.

3. Posy Bouquet or Nosegay is a small and comfy type of bouquet. Some brides prefer this because it is easy to carry rather than the other types mentioned. Composed of a small bunch of flowers, this one is the most budget friendly among all.

4. Cascade Bouquet is also known for its classy look. With the flowers and greeneries like they are falling from your hand, its aim is for you to achieve that medieval ambiance.

    But you don’t have to spend all your time thinking of a decision on which one is the best pick for you. Our team of experts will help you with the choice of flowers for the season and colors to match your wedding dress and theme. 

    Secondly, a wedding motif or theme must be considered. You might not want to choose a color that is opposite to the palette. Pick-up the color that is of the same shade.

    Thirdly, know your budget. It is important to know how much you’d like to spend for your flowers so you will know what type, and how much flowers you will be able to use so you can avoid exceeding your budget.

    Lastly, learn what flowers are in season. If you are targeting such flowers and they are in season, you can get them at the normal price or if you are lucky enough, maybe cheaper. But, if those flowers are past the season, chances are, they will be hard to find, (maybe you can find but they won’t be in good quality, maybe small, won’t last long) and are expensive.

    Some flowers bloom in certain seasons – like Peonies, Tulips and Hydrangea. These flowers when not in season are very hard to find, so better look it up before you decide your wedding date, or find an alternative that best suits you. Otherwise, get some help from your friendly flowershop – at and we will do our best to find them for you (just to make you happy and satisfied!)

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