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What is The Flowers Franchise 

A florist doesn’t sell flowers, we use flowers to carry a message from our client to their friends and loved ones.  Sometimes that message is fun, sometimes its sad, Its our job to make it memorable.

We offer you the benefit of sharing the knowledge gained over many years in running successful flower shops.  On top of that Flowers.ie franchisees are the sole executers of all of the orders from the Flowers.ie platform in your territory

But thats the easy bit.....

The following outlines the advantages of joining our franchise

An Established Brand

Mimosaflowers has existing outlets in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast.  We own and run those shops ourselves.  We know....

Floristry Expertise

As part of the package we offer Experience opportunities at existing flowershops, where you can work with an existing crew and get hands on experience before you start.

We offer follow up Training in other specialities such as:
Wedding Flowers, Corporate Flowers, Balloon Decoration

Staff Training

You will be provided with a Training Manual to help you to train your own people

Floristry Academy

Flowers has its own floristry academy, where regular courses are provided for Continuous Personal Development as well as basic training in commercial floristry for team members.  Territory owners get very preferential rates.


We have many years of expertise in recruiting staff and in all aspects of employment.  This expertise is shared with our partners.  We also provide basic employment documentation templates.


Existing Flowershops

You get Full Access to an existing network of experts.  The Mimosaflowers team are working in the business every day.  They will be available to you by phone and email, with lots of opportunity for hands on instore and onsite support as required.

Monthly Newsletter

You will receive a personal copy of the Team Mimosa Newsletter, keeping you informed of activity in the Brand and the business activity in other territories.  The newsletter is packed with ideas and suggestions on how to grow your business.  It also keeps the managers of the territories up to date on fortcoming marketing activities of the various brands who will feed you orders to execute.  Its packed with advance notice of offers from suppliers to assist you in growing profits

Commercial Support

Mimosaflowers is not just about ‘creativity’.  We know its not just about happily working with beautiful things.  We have to make money and you have to make money. 
Although we believe a huge part of our success is due to our persistence that the customer is king and our core focus is on customer service, we 100% remind ourselves that the reason we are in business is to make a profit.  The senior

commercial management team at Mimosaflowers will be there to work with you to ensure you know the better ways to success and of course to offer friendly advice on the known pitfalls.

The Mimosaflowers range of bouquets are designed with cost control as a primary consideration. The bouquet ingredients produce robust margins with 60+% gp being easily achievable.  We have devised informal but effective Labour cost controls by the use of very simple technology and uncomplicated processes for completing orders.

Flowershop Management advice

We have devised processes to manage out the pitfalls of wasteage.  You will receive best practice advice from the existing team who have many years practical experience in running flowershops in Ireland, the UK and Dubai

Hands on advice on managing your P & L to avoid pitfalls and to focus you on staying profitable while growing your business.

Accounting Package:

Easy to use and manage.

Mimosaflowers introduces you to an easy to use, Cloud based, accounting package.  You will be guided in the best use of this package.  As it is cloud based you can access it easily from anywhere, so that your office is always with you.  It comes with Smartphone accessibility, so always with you.

The system Makes it easy for you to have all of the financials of your business in easy reach wherever you are.  In turn, the package allows you to keep your accounting costs really low.

Marketing Support

We know that the traditional florist has little time for marketing.  And Marketing also take a lot of attention and consistency.  So Mimosaflowers will do the heavy lifting for you

Central Website

Mimosaflowers.ie has very high levels of visitors with fully secure online order gathering, with full customer service management. 

The site is Territory focused with highly elaborate SEO to drive orders for your territory.

Social Media

Mimosaflowers has a team working full time at making the most of social Media.  We use Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp and are continuously monitoring emerging technologies to ensure we and you are future proofed

Location Services

You will be able to select a guaranteed territory, where you will be the sole ambassador of the brand.  This in turn will put a lot of responsibility on you to provide exactly what was ordered in your Allocated Territory

We offer the benefit of experience and will Advise on location for your shop if required.  If you are successful there will be Opprotunities to take on further territories

As well as Guidance on selecting Locations, we offer Guidance with Property Title such as leases etc.  Advice on managing the engagement with Local Authorities (especially rates) and Utilities (ESB, Water, Broadband etc)

Group Buying

The very freshest flowers at the lowest prices

The reputation of Mimosaflowers is due in no small part to the quality of the flowers in the bouquets

we deliver to our customers.  Now you will deliver those bouquets, so of course we will want you to have the same great quality.  Through our buying group we can ensure that you pay exactly the same for your flowers regardless of your chosen location.  You will have top class fresh flowers delivered directly to your premises in refrigerated trucks every day if you so wish, (subject to some conditions based on minimum volumes).

With the benefit of the orders coming to you from Mimosaflowers.ie and flowers.ie you will use a lot of flowers

and will therefore turnover your inventory very quickly meaning you will always be selling the freshest flowers direct from the major auction houses such as Allameer in Holland

Great Deals on Vans and Van decoration

Mimosaflowers have negotiated a national deal from a major van supplier that keeps your van running costs in a simple, single package.  The price includes everything – except fuel and insurance.

Florists Sundries

Flower Arranging Foam, Vases, Pots, Flowerfood, Celophane,

All at great prices and on monthly payment terms

Branded Wrapping and packaging

Mimosaflowers branded packaging and point of sale materials that will give your product that big brand feel are provided at prices that are below what you would normally pay for unbranded packaging.

Premise Fit Out

Easy to follow guidance on shop layout and decor.  We will guide you every step of the way to ensure your shop is fir for purpose.

Shop Signs:

The signage design is simple, low cost yet impactful and fully scaleable


The Mimosaflowers systems are cloud based. i.e. they run on the internet and are accessible from any internet connected device, including your phone.  In keeping with environmental concerns, we at Mimosaflowers are committed to creating a paperless business.  It is not necessary to print anything using ink.  Of course you can, but it is not necessary.

Technologies provided include the Floral Cloud App,

Connecting florists and drivers and the customer service team together, seamlessly, saving on thousands of telephone calls as everyone can see the progress of an order at all times

The system includes a Touch Screen Florist System

With a Label Printer for printing card messages which uses thermal paper instead of ink and also doubles with a range of other uses

The Mimosaflowers system has a Smartphone based Delivery Driver addressing system which allows drivers to mark orders delivered in real time. 

Mimosaflowers has a Cloud based EPOS system with anywhere access so you can monitor the activity of your till and easily track all cash transactions in your shop

Broadband Credit Card Machines

Really low cost, internet based business telephone system, with free calls within the network

Personalised email account e.g yourterritory@Mimosaflowers.ie, private, secure and accessable from your smartphone or any internet connected device.

Cloud Accounting Package

Mimosaflowers has implemented a cloud based accounting package which vastly simplifies the bookkeeping of your business.  Giving access to a range of reports that help you to monitor your progress and produce your management accounts in a instant.

Be busy from Day one!

As part of your territory you will receive ALL of the orders destined for your territory from each of the following platforms.  These websites are the most responsive for your territory on all search engines but are particularly well optimised for Google.

Financial Requirements

Life is not always a bed of roses!  Running a flowershop requires dedication and hard-work but does include a lot of fun.  There is a fairly serious financial cost to opening a flowershop.  It is hard work to make a flowershop profitable.  We have a lot of expertise in doing just that.  If you have the ambition and drive to take on this opportunity

We understand that opening a flower shop is a challenge and we designed our franchise model in the way that any average florist can afford us. 

Below calculations are approximate but representative for the average location:

Franchise Fee*




Shop Preparation


rent deposit


Vehicle Deposit


Fitout Cost


POS system


Computer, Printers








Legal and Accounting


Insurance  Shop and Van


Utility deposits


Travel and living costs During Training


Non Flower Stock


Flower Stock


Opening party




Total Required


Contact Us:

By Phone on 015311186

By email: customer.service@flowers.ie