What are the best anniversary flowers?

Anniversaries are milestones that mark the beautiful journey of love and togetherness. Whether it's your first or fiftieth, giving flowers is a timeless tradition that conveys deep emotions. Flowers have been a universal symbol of love and appreciation for centuries, and the right bouquet can speak volumes. At, you'll find a variety of stunning arrangements for any anniversary celebration, ensuring that your gift is as unique and special as your relationship.


Red Roses

Red roses are the epitome of romance and passion. Their deep red hue symbolizes love and desire, making them a classic choice for anniversaries. These flowers are not only visually stunning but also rich in meaning. The 12 Long Stem Red Roses bouquet is perfect for a simple yet profound gesture, while the 100 Long Stem Red Roses or 200 Long Stem Red Roses arrangements make a grand statement, ideal for significant milestones. Red roses have a timeless appeal that transcends trends, ensuring that your gift will be cherished and remembered.

White Roses

White roses represent purity and eternal love, perfect for celebrating the timeless nature of your relationship. Their pristine appearance conveys a sense of grace and sophistication. The 12 Long Stem White Roses arrangement is ideal for a touch of elegance, while the 50 Long Stem White Roses bouquet offers a more lavish display. White roses are particularly suited for couples who appreciate simplicity and understated beauty, making them a versatile choice for any anniversary.

Pink Roses

For a touch of admiration and joy, pink roses are a wonderful choice. They symbolize gentle affection and gratitude, making them perfect for celebrating the nuances of a loving relationship. The 18 Long Stem Pink Roses and 36 Long Stem Pink Roses arrangements offer a delicate and beautiful way to express your feelings. Pink roses are versatile and can suit various tastes, from subtle and sweet to bold and vibrant, ensuring that your gift resonates with your partner.


Pink Lilies

Pink lilies symbolize prosperity and abundance. Their large, fragrant blooms bring a touch of elegance and grace to any anniversary celebration. The Pink Roses and Pink Lily - Vase is a perfect example, combining the softness of pink roses with the striking presence of pink lilies. The stylish Pink Roses and Pink Lily - Hatbox adds a modern twist to this classic combination, making it a chic and sophisticated gift. Lilies are known for their longevity and vibrant appearance, ensuring that your bouquet will stay fresh and beautiful for days.

Purple Lilies

Purple lilies are synonymous with luxury and royalty. They add a sophisticated touch to any bouquet, making them an excellent choice for a special anniversary. The Purple Heaven Scent - Ceramic Vase offers a beautiful blend of colours and elegance, featuring a mix of pink roses, carnations, and statice. This arrangement is perfect for couples who appreciate unique and refined gifts, adding a sense of opulence and distinction to your celebration.

Mixed Bouquets

Vibrant Bouquets

Mixed bouquets combine various flowers to create a vibrant and colourful display. They are perfect for those who enjoy a lively and joyful arrangement. The Vibrant - Vase features a stunning mix of sunflowers, blue and pink statice, and vibrant yellow and orange roses. Similarly, the Wonderfully Vibrant - Ceramic Vase brings together orange and yellow roses, cerise carnations, sunflowers, and dark blue statice. These arrangements are ideal for celebrating the energy and joy in your relationship, bringing a burst of colour and happiness to your special day.

Peonies and Roses

Peonies and roses together create an elegant and luxurious bouquet. These combinations are perfect for expressing deep affection and romantic sentiments. The Anniversary Peony Pretty Pink - Vase features a mix of pink peonies, hydrangeas, gerberas, gypsophila, and more, offering a lush and romantic display. The Anniversary Perfect White - Vase combines white hydrangeas and roses with gypsophila and pistach leaves, creating a sophisticated and elegant arrangement. These bouquets are perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life, adding a touch of luxury and refinement to your anniversary celebration.

Unique Arrangements

Hatbox Arrangements

Hatbox arrangements are modern and stylish, offering a unique presentation that stands out. The Cherry Charm - Hatbox features vibrant red roses, delicate gypsophila, and elegant pistach leaves, all beautifully presented in a chic hatbox. The Blushing Beauty - Hatbox offers a similar presentation with soft pink roses and gypsophila. These arrangements are perfect for couples who appreciate contemporary designs and want to add a touch of flair to their anniversary celebration.

Send Anniversary Flowers in Ireland

Choosing the best anniversary flowers is all about expressing your love and commitment in a meaningful way. Whether you opt for classic roses, elegant lilies, vibrant mixed bouquets, or unique hatbox arrangements, each choice adds a special touch to your celebration. Explore the wide selection of anniversary flowers at to find the perfect bouquet that will make your anniversary truly unforgettable. By selecting the right flowers, you can create lasting memories and convey your deepest emotions, making your anniversary a day to remember.