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Wedding Flowers

If you're looking for the definitive list for Irish wedding flowers or are asking 'how much do wedding flowers cost?' or “what flowers can I get for an August Wedding?” you've come to the right place! Here we share all our inside knowledge and top tips on how to help you plan your Wedding Flowers!

From bridal bouquets to floral arches, wedding flowers bring style, personality and colour to your special day.

Start With A Wedding Flower Consultation:

Our events and wedding flowers team at will always start with a consultation to explore your personality, preferences and expectations along with recommending the variety of seasonal flowers available.

So, whether it be a large church wedding or a small civil ceremony, a marquee, a country estate or hotel, have the passion and expert knowledge to help guide you through.

The Ultimate Wedding Flowers List:

Many Irish couples don’t know where to start when planning their Wedding Flowers! This is why we have a list compiled to help demystify the process for an Irish Wedding Flowers.

  • Brides Bouquet:
  • Bridesmaid's Bouquets
  • Buttonholes/Boutonnières and Corsages for the Groom, Groomsmen and parents.
  • Ceremony Flowers (we often advise couples often use this as their Head Table Flowers also)
  • Thank You Bouquets (for the Mums, usually given out after the speeches)
  • Floral Crowns (these have become fashionable for Flower Girls)
  • Floral Arches (these have become popular for the photo opportunities)
  • Wedding Reception Table Centres .
  • Tossing Bouquet.

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FAQs and Top Tips:

How much does a bridal bouquet typically cost?

The best go indicator is 10% of the wedding budget should be spent on flowers. The average cost of Wedding Flowers in Ireland is €1,500. Many larger weddings are double that. It's up to you to decide what you want to splurge on, and what you want to save on!

What affects the cost of wedding flowers:

    1. 1. The type of flower, certain popular flowers such as Lily of the Valley & Garden Roses are much more expensive as they are produced in smaller quantities. There is a cost difference between fresh flower wedding bouquets and dried flower wedding arrangements.

    2. 2. The quantity and number of varieties. More flowers equals more expense. More bridesmaids mean more bouquets. More tables, means more table arrangements.

    3. 3. Season: whether the flowers are in or out of season (if they're out of season, importing them will be more expensive). For example, a lot of couples want Peonies for August Bridal Bouquets, however, peonies are always more expensive in August than they are in May or June.

    4. 4. The skill, expertise and time of the florist who’s creating them.

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Top Tip:
Some examples of inexpensive wedding flowers you might choose: carnations, baby’s breath and pampas. Others are especially cheap at certain times of the year when they are in season, like chrysanthemums in Autumn.

Inside Knowledge: Having a Spring Wedding?
Be mindful that flower costs inflate significantly around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day when they are in high demand!

How far in advance do I need to book my flowers?

The sooner the better. Book early to secure your date with us and we will have the time to have a consultation to discuss your design/style decisions and let you know what’s in season. That said, three months prior to the wedding date is usually common.

How are the wedding flowers packaged?

We always make fresh wedding arrangements so we try to deliver them on the morning of the wedding when possible. We deliver them in a custom box to the brides home and/or the wedding venue the morning of the wedding! It’s always treated with the utmost care!

Do you offer specific packages or is everything customized?

We design your wedding flowers just for you, reflecting your individuality, personality and taste. We happily work within your budget and also share tips on what’s in season to help you achieve the look you want without breaking the bank.

Can I view your wedding arrangements online?

Yes! Follow our Instagram page or Facebook Page @flowersie or e-mail us on to request recent wedding images! Many of our creations are never shared on social media in order to protect the privacy of the happy couple!

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