The Secret Meaning Behind Purple Flowers

Flowers are known for having their very own language, with each shade of bloom whispering its secrets within the floral marketplace.
This month, we're obsessed with the colour purple! It comes in a variation of stunning shades like lilac, plum, lavender and violet. Since it's one of the most on trend colours for this season - our collection is jam-packed with some really stunning purple products like our Lavender Hatbox, Amythest Vase, the cute Lavender Basket and the Luxury Purple Florence.
The Hidden Meaning..
A regal and striking colour, purple flowers symbolize respect, royalty, dignity, tradition and success. A bouquet containing purple flowers can be sent as symbol of admiration and adoration, making them a meaningful gift to those you truly admire! 
The colour purple is really special in November because it artistically blends the warm hues of red with the jewel hues of blue. Because purple strikes this balance with a beautiful result, it also symbolizes peace and harmony in these winter months. 
Purple Flowers Famously Represented in Art
Purple flowers have long been the subjects of renowned artists such as Mary Cassatt, Monet, Van Gogh, and Georgia O’Keeffe.
Mary Cassat is a world-famous artist credited with being one of the original American Impressionist artists. “Lilacs in a Window” painting, is now on viewing collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (often seen in Gossip Girl TV show or the Met Gala!) With her signature fluid brushstrokes, Cassatt manages to present this arrangement as a fleeting moment in time.
Perfect Reasons To Send Purple Flowers…
Anytime you feel proud of someone special - purple flowers will covey the message of admiration.
Whether it's your daughter who’s passed an exam, a teacher or colleague who has done all they can to support you over the years, a friend who has overcome some challenges, someone who’s been making a transition to a new job or moving to a new city, purple rose flower arrangements might be the right way to say, “congratulations on a new beginning” or “I admire you”! 
Purple flowers offer something a little bit more unique and mystique than the norm when it comes to your bouquet or hatbox. With symbolism that combines elegance, femininity, spiritualism and, of course, status and value, they could be a great choice for your next gift. 
This allure and magnetism of purple flowers draw people in and make all kinds of purple flowers a welcome addition to any home and for almost any and every occasion! 
Instagram Captions for your Purple Flowers Pictures:
Anything better than posting floral images on your social channels? Here are some of the best Instagram Captions for your purple flowers that will have your Insta Bloomin!
•"I don't have a purple problem, I have a purple passion."
•"Don't worry, be purple."
•“Purple isn’t just a colour, it’s a whole mood.”
• “The power of purple”
•”Purple rain, purple rain” 


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