The Secret Language Of Roses 

We all know that roses are red and violets are blue…but actually, roses can also be yellow, pink, white, or even purple!

Flowers have a language all of their own, especially when it comes to roses. The language of flowers (officially known as floriography) was a very popular way to communicate back in the Victorian era. Nowadays, we might have what’s app to communicate to our friends & loved ones, however - the “secret language of roses” still add that special wow factor when you’re trying to send a special message. 

Our roses comes in a variety of shades on our website - so how do you know which colour to pick? offer a variety of rose colours from classic red and chic white - to brightly coloured yellows, pink & purples. Understanding what each colour roses represents will add an extra layer of sentiment to your gift. 

White Roses:

There’s something extremely chic and understated about white roses. For those who gravitate the neutral palettes and a minimalist vibe in their home, they are really on trend for interior decor in 2022 and you’ll notice many Instagram accounts with a vase of white roses in their homes or beside their beds.  Traditionally, white roses represent innocence, eternal loyalty and grace. The colour white can also be representative of fresh beginnings and a pure, clear path which makes white roses as good ideas for those starting a new career or moving into a new home. 

Red Roses:

At, we always say that red roses aren’t just for valentines! We believe in sending red roses any day of the year! The most famous rose of them all, red roses symbolize all those things that make a beautiful love story: romance, true love, and passion. If you're wanting to say those three magic words, red roses are a tried-and-true way to tell someone: "I love you!" With such a classic and timeless look, red roses are always connected with a romantic sentiment! For those in long term relationships, we recommend sending the 36 red roses in a vase as it shows you’re head over heels in love. 

Yellow Roses:

How cool and quirky are yellow roses? They are much more “fun” than classy red roses and a unique way to send joy and cheer! Yellow is the colour of friendship, and a bouquet or hatbox of yellow roses holds significance for a long-lasting friendship. The yellow roses make a great “Thank You” gift or “Get Well Soon” gift, because you can be sure that it’s bright, optimistic color brings joy to all who receive it. 

Purple Roses:

Want to show someone who much you  admire them? Purple roses are super individual and represent enchantment, splendor, wonder, and mystery, making this rose colour especially inspiring. It doesn’t have to be a romantic gesture, purple roses make a great gift for congratulating someone or showing them how much you truly admire them. The purple rose also provides the perfect celebratory gift for a friend or family member’s graduation, new job or personal achievement.

Pink Roses

Pink roses symbolize grace, admiration, gratitude and kindness. The meaning of pink roses isn’t necessarily exclusive romantic, so they make a versatile gift for a range of uses and occasions. For example, they may be given as birthday present for a girl pal, a token of gratitude to your sister, a gift for your mother, but they’re also a good option to give someone who is grieving. They’re even a good way to say congratulations. Basically, you can’t go wrong with pink roses! 

How Many Roses Should You Give? Numbers & Meanings

Did you know there are many other meanings that can be conveyed through the numbers you send? 

1. Twelve roses: Have you ever wondered why you send a dozen roses? Why not five or ten?! A dozen roses is still the most traditional amount of roses that are given or sent as a gift. The twelve roses stand for every month of the year and bear the promise that you will love your partner throughout the year. As there are 12 months in a year and 12 numbers on a clock and 12 zodiac signs, many believe that 12 is the number that symbolizes a complete life cycle. Thus 12 red roses is the symbol of lifelong love and companionship.

2. Twenty Five Roses: We love our vase filled with 25 roses,it creates a real impact in the room when placed on a table or in a hallway. 

3. Thirty-six roses: This means you’re totally and completely in love! Three dozen not only says "big spender," but it also says "I'm head over heels in love”! 

4. Fifty roses: Perfect choice for when  you want to leave them speechless! It’s shows a boundless love — especially appropriate for wedding anniversaries, wedding proposals and massive romantic gestures. Influencers love these bouquets as it always creates a dramatic reaction online.