Thanksgiving Decor That'll Impress This Year!

Get ready to upgrade your Thanksgiving decor style with top tips and decor ideas!

While we may not traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving in Ireland, it’s still a fun reason to soak up the festive cheer and get inspired in time for Christmas.

When is Thanksgiving this year?

Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, which falls on 25 November in 2021. Thanksgiving is a time when families and friends come together, share a meal and celebrate what they are thankful for in their lives.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas:

When you're hosting Thanksgiving, your table should be your focal point. This is, after all, where you will all gather together to give thanks, enjoy your meal, and make special memories! 

Looking for some table inspiration? The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a beautiful table decor. With the right amount of flowers (that’s where we come in) and a little creativity, you can make a statement.

First place to start off is to narrow in on an aesthetic and theme. This will help you focus on what you need to buy new, and what you might be able to pull together from your own home.

Thanksgiving Decor Themes:

Traditional Rustic Thanksgiving Decor 

    If you are choosing the traditional Thanksgiving look, make sure to include plenty of autumnal shades like reds, greens, burnt orange, ivory, and moss. They add a rustic warmth to your dinner table. 

    Tip tip: To save yourself some time, effort, and money on thanksgiving decor lean especially on reds and greens.

    The bright red pomegranates and evergreen sprigs will carry your Thanksgiving decor perfectly into the Christmas season. This way, you can leave the centerpiece intact for another month and keep it alive until Christmas time. 

    We recommend our Christmas Vibrant Hand-tied bouquet, which currently has a Free Upgrade to a Vase

    This joyful arrangement contains a festive selection in hues of red, purple, orange, gold and green, including large headed orange roses, purple statice, solidago, red ilex berries, and seasonal foliage.

    This arrangement will automatically upgrade your order in our signature vase.

    Incorporate a Unique Centerpiece

    For something a little different— you can order a custom centrepiece from our experienced florists who will incorporate candles with seasonal foliage, ilex berries and traditional tones. 

    Classic Elegance - stick with neutrals

      Think neutrals are boring? Not if you incorporate plenty of textures - such as a glass vase of our dozen White Roses. When peppered with ilex berries or pampas grass, these white Roses can elevate an all neutral tone table to look incredibly elegant and stunningly beautiful on Thanksgiving.

      For the fabulous White Rose vase arrangement, our skilled florists select the finest large headed Avalanche White roses with elegant Irish grown eucalyptus leaves.

      Top Tip:  Add Subtle Metallics to the Classic Elegance 

      Seeking an easy—and inexpensive—way to take neutral Thanksgiving table decor to more elegant and sophisticated heights? Add a selection of metallic accents, whether it’s placing our white roses in small miniature brass vases or adding brass candlesticks, the touch of metallic will add a festive feel to your neutrals.

      Focus on Candles

      Love the idea of inexpensive decor that makes a big statement? Candles will always set the mood!  Arrange elegant white candles in a variety of heights, and make sure your place settings feature plenty of metallic accents.

      Insert product link : 12 Long Stem White Roses in a vase with Brooke and Shoals Scented candle

      Modern and colorful Thanksgiving Decor

      Looking for thanksgiving decor that is modern, uplifting and fun? Ditch the elegant whites and enjoy a Thanksgiving table that’s studded with jewel tone colours. It's easy to DIY: mix and match your napkins, plates and add lots of fun colours.  

      • What are jewel tones? Emerald, teal, fuchsia, hot pink, navy, purple, violet, orange and mustard plus red and burgundy. 

      Choose one or two tones to set the mood of the table setting: purple and hot pink, navy and teal, burgundy and orange, emerald and red. Gilded or copper touches to the tablescape will make it more refined. 

      A table scale with lots of pinks, greens, metallics, and natural textures can create a bright and beautiful celebration this thanksgiving! 

      Top Tip: Use a Bold Tablecloth

      Rather than the classic white linen, make a statement with something a little more unexpected— add a pop of colour with your table cloth to set the tone. When combined with jewel tones, the fun pattern is festive enough for the holiday.

      Mix Match for Inexpensive Thanksgiving Decor

      You don't have to spend a fortune to create a beautiful Thanksgiving table when you’re embracing a modern and colourful decor. Why not mix and match patterns for a bit more unexpected? Mix up the colours of your candles . Don’t be precious with your tableware or candles, add some personality by mixing up the tones!  Finish off the tablescape with a jewel-toned and colourful flower vase that will tie it all together. 

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      How will you know what they’re getting?

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      Check out our collection below for more inspiration this Thanksgiving