Celebrating September Birthdays with Floral Gifts: Asters and Morning Glories

September, a month that marks the transition from summer to fall, is not only a season of changing leaves but also a time to celebrate the birth of loved ones. What better way to honour September birthdays than with the exquisite September birth flowers: Asters and Morning Glories? 

Historical Significance of September Birth Flowers

The tradition of associating specific flowers with each birth month dates back centuries. Historically, these birth flowers were believed to bring luck, happiness, and protection to individuals born during their respective months. The concept is thought to have originated from the Roman era.

Aster: The Elegant Birth Flower of September

Asters, with their delicate petals and vibrant hues, reign as the primary birth flower of September. These dainty, star-shaped flowers are known for their elegance and grace. The name "Aster" is derived from the Greek word for "star," a fitting reference to their captivating appearance.

Morning Glory: The Charming Companion of September

Morning Glories, the secondary September birth flower, are beloved for their enchanting trumpet-shaped blossoms that unfurl in the early morning sun. Their name reflects their tendency to bloom in the morning hours, revealing striking colours and intricate patterns.

Symbolism and Meaning Behind Asters

Asters symbolise a variety of positive attributes, making them an ideal choice for birthday bouquets. They are often associated with:

  • Love and Affection: Asters are considered a symbol of love, making them a heartfelt gift for expressing your feelings to a loved one.
  • Wisdom and Elegance: Their graceful appearance embodies qualities of wisdom and refinement.
  • Loyalty and Devotion: Asters are frequently used to represent loyalty and devotion in relationships.

Morning Glory's Whimsical Symbolism

Morning Glories also carry a unique set of meanings, including:

  • Love and Romance: These flowers are often associated with love and the fleeting beauty of a passionate romance.
  • Happiness and Positivity: Their cheerful, radiant colours evoke feelings of happiness and joy.
  • New Beginnings: Morning Glories' habit of blooming anew each morning symbolises fresh starts and new beginnings.

Birth Flower Astrology and Personality Traits

In astrology, birth flowers are believed to influence a person's character and destiny. People born in September under the influence of Asters are thought to possess qualities such as:

  • Gentleness: Like the delicate petals of Asters, they are often seen as gentle and kind-hearted individuals.
  • Sensitivity: Their sensitivity is akin to the beauty of these flowers, which thrive when cared for with love and attention.
  • Elegance: Asters' grace is mirrored in their refined and elegant demeanor.

Morning Glory-birthed individuals are associated with:

  • Creativity: Just as Morning Glories unfurl their blooms in unique patterns, these individuals are often seen as creative and imaginative.
  • Optimism: The flowers' joyful morning ritual reflects their optimism and positive outlook on life.
  • Adaptability: Much like Morning Glories adapt to different light conditions, they are believed to adapt well to various life circumstances.

Aster and Morning Glory: A September Garden Delight

Combining Asters and Morning Glories in a floral arrangement can create a truly enchanting garden-inspired gift. Their contrasting shapes and colours complement each other beautifully. Imagine a bouquet where the elegance of Asters is enhanced by the whimsical charm of Morning Glories. It's a delightful representation of the transitional nature of September, merging the elegance of summer with the coziness of fall.

Creating Unique Arrangements with Asters and Morning Glories

When crafting floral gifts for September birthdays, consider these creative ideas:

  1. Bountiful Bouquets: Create lush, mixed bouquets featuring both Asters and Morning Glories for a vibrant burst of colour.

  2. Vintage Charm: Arrange Morning Glories in a vintage-style vase alongside Aster boutonnieres for a timeless, romantic gift.

  3. Garden-Inspired Centerpieces: Incorporate both flowers into centerpieces for birthday parties or gatherings, bringing the beauty of the garden indoors.

  4. Personalised Floral Art: Craft a personalised floral art piece using dried Asters and Morning Glories, preserving their beauty for years to come.

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