Research shows flowers can boost productivity & add joy when working from home

As lockdown continues in Ireland (and across the world), working from home and home schooling has become the new normal for many of us.

Finding easy ways to add a positive and joyful touch to our home and our workspace is now more vital than ever as a means to lift spirits and improve overall wellbeing.

New research shows that having flowers in your home and bringing the outside inside is a great way to help workers relax during a stressful day.

The recent study investigated the psychological impacts of flowers on productivity and stress levels, proving that plants have a positive effect on the body.


Flowers are a sensory experience, from their bright colours to alluring scents, so they have the power to stimulate several ‘happy’ chemicals in the brain, including dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin - these biochemical changes that occur in the body can be especially helpful during times of stress.

When people receive flowers from a loved one or a special friend, this can help them feel closer to that person and when we feel close to people we release a hormone called oxytocin which is the bonding hormone - it helps us to feel connected to other people and during times of stress that's really, really important.

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