Providing Moments of Joy During the Pandemic

Everyone loves to receive flowers. They make us feel happy, loved and appreciated. The pandemic has been strange & isolating time for many not just in Ireland, but around the world - and now more than ever we feel a desire to stay connected with one another and cheer each other up.

People are looking for new ways to show appreciation and send love to those they care about.
For our ever-changing life during the covid-19 pandemic, studies are showing how they can be used to help maintain the wellbeing of the community as a whole.

How flowers can help during the coronavirus pandemic:

People who have flowers in their homes feel happier and more relaxed. Through this positive energy, the chances of suffering from stress- related depression are decreased.

Flowers put you in a better mood – they stimulate positive emotions such as gratitude, hope, empathy, joy, love, pride, calmness, and awe. Flowers reduce stress and stress-related depression and generate a more optimistic outlook on life.
Flowers make you heal quicker – studies have shown that visible greenery stimulates the mind to focus less on pain.

Flowers presented to elderly people generated a positive mood and improved episodic memory – the memory of everyday events.

Lifestyle tips from

  • Buy flowers for your desk to improve your own mood as you work from home
  • Buy flowers to lift the mood of others having to stay home
  • Send flowers for those alone, elderly or vulnerable.
  • Send flowers for those recovering from illness. An arrangement of beautiful fresh flowers can give an immediate sense of joy to the recipient