Our Favorite Plants for Dad

What do you gift the Dad who has it all? With Fathers Day around the corner, it might be tough to figure out what your hard-to-shop-for father figure actually wants! 

Switch up the same old Father’s Day routine this year and give Dad a gift that grows & grows! Whether he’s new to the plant life or already a plant lover, here are our favorite picks for Father’s Day. 

When you order from us, the plant will arrive directly to his house, saving you the hassle of a shopping trip! As an extra bonus, you can also add a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine.

Here are our top gift ideas available on our website:

Spathiphyllum Bingo Cupido / Peace Lily

This makes a great gift for a dad that’s not got much experience taking care of plants, the Peace Lily is a low-maintenance indoor plant with attractive white flowers.  Native to South America it has powerful air-purifying qualities. Peace lily can grow without much light and will let you know when it needs watered! 

Strelitzia Nicolai/Birds Of Paradise 

€47.95 EUR

Make a statement with your Father’s Day gift by choosing the Bird Of Paradise! 

This plant commands attention with its oversized leaves and upright stature. Adaptable to indoors or out, the Bird of Paradise is perfect for Dads who like to spend their summers outdoors. Choose a bright, sunny spot (like a conservatory) to help this plant thrive, and keep its leaves free of dust and debris with an occasional wipe-down or shower.

Calathea Medallion

€79.95 EUR

The Calathea Medallion is a favorite of house plant enthusiasts. Their leaves fold up slightly in the evening, hence their nickname “prayer plants”. They are “low-light” tropical plants that can brighten up a gloomy corner! 

Its definitely one of the prettiest plants that can be housed inside. Our version is a splendid specimen and comes in a ceramic pot. 

Aloe Vera

€47.95 EUR

The Aloe Vera is a tropical succulent known for centuries for its medicinal properties known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties. This is part of why it helps heal wounds and treat skin problems. As well as its remarkable health qualities, the Aloe is a timeless plant, currently a firm favourite with interior designers and can be spotted complementing many stylish interiors. The Aloe Vera plant is well-adapted to periods of extreme drought and won’t go downhill if Dad gets sidetracked by work or other priorities!