Most Expensive Flowers On The Planet


If you thought buying red roses for your special someone was pricey, check out this list of the most expensive flowers that can be found around the world.

Flowers are one of the most important highlights on your wedding day. That's why most brides look for the best flowers they can use. However, they're not exactly cheap and several things can influence the final price. They are a delicate product and also high-maintenance and perishable. Some types are also imported and have to travel long distances to get to the flower shop in your city or town. They can also be challenging to cultivate and demand lots of care.

The value of a flower also depends on how rare it is. The hardest the flower is to find, the higher the price is going to be.

Here are the most expensive and beautiful flowers in the world

Kadupul Flower
The Kadupul flower is considered as the most expensive flower in India. This Sri Lanka’s native flower is so expensive, no other flower can beat the luxuriousness of this flower. Because of it’s Cactus roots, each and every Kadupul flower has a very short lifespan and is only able to survive the night. In spite of this, the Kadupul flower is celebrated worldwide for its amazing calming qualities. Sadly, the only way to experience this beautiful flower’s scent is to purchase a bottle of Kadupul perfume

The Hydrangea is mostly white in color, but can also be seen in violet, light purple, pink, and blue colors. These flowers wilt easily, therefore it is advisable to buy them as close to the event as possible. They are widely used in many occasions, especially weddings. But it takes plenty of hard work to cultivate and harvest these beautiful flowers.

Lily Of The Valley
According to a legend, the flower appeared when the Virgin Mary's tears touched the ground when her son was killed. Lily of the Valley looks harmless. The delicate, tiny flowers and sweet smell can be deceiving. It's actually a highly poisonous flower and even appeared in an episode of Breaking Bad. The poison is used to protect the seeds from predators. The Lily of the Valley only grows for a couple of weeks during the spring. They are one of the most expensive flowers in the word and are actually highly popular at weddings.

Juliet Rose
Roses have always been the most loved flower around the world. From the black halfeti rose to the osiria rose, their diversity and beauty seem beyond anything, but it would seem that the Julie rose beats them all. Juliet rose is a unique flower that took more than 10 years to create, making it one of the most expensive flowers ever developed. The flower has soft peach color petals and looks beautiful when fully open. The Juliet flowers are often used as a wedding flower. 


Saffron Crocus
The saffron crocus is another most expensive flower in the world. It is light purple in color but its bright yellow stamen makes it look more elegant. The saffron is more popular for being a space than a flower, however, it is still sold as a bloom. Nearly 80,000 flowers are required to create only 500 grams of spice. Saffron crocus is highly used as a spice in cuisines of many different parts of the world. This adds the value of the flower and thus makes it the most expensive flower on the earth.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid
Due to its beauty and uniqueness, the gold of the Kinabalu orchid is the most beloved and expensive flower in the world. Orchids are stunningly beautiful flowers and are only found in the small area of the Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid aka Rothschild’s slipper orchid, are large sized open-leaved orchid species. Apart from the fact that it’s only grown in Malaysia, another thing is that it is really hard to grow. As it takes many years to bloom before it finally appears. Orchids are stunningly beautiful blooms, beloved the world over, but there are some orchids that have a hefty price tag.

Lisianthus is an exquisite collection of blue to violet, white to blue or even purple flowers, which can last for a few weeks, thus making it perfect to use as an ornament in your home. It has a wide range from Lisianthus flower to Lisianthus lavender, which allows you to have a lot of kinds to choose from. White lisianthus is also used on bridal bouquets and makes a lovely piece for the bride to hold.

Tulip Bulb
It is impossible to think about Holland without imaging kilometers of colorful tulip fields. They are available in almost any supermarket in the country for not very much money at all. However, this wasn't always the case. Back in the 17th century, the flower was scarce and there was high speculation around the bulbs due to the high demand. Long revered for their symbolism of love, tulips are mostly chosen as a bridal bouquet

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

There are some truly unusual orchids in existence but this one is particularly unique. Developed by Chinese agricultural scientists, this flower is completely man made and is named after the Shenzhen Nongke University where it was created. It took scientists eight years of research to create this delicate and elegant flower which only blooms every 4-5 years! In 2005, the Shenzhen Nongke Orchid became the most expensive flower ever sold when it fetched the equivalent of $290,000 AUD at an auction by an anonymous bidder.

The Gloriosa is native to Tropical Asia and Africa. This flower is scarce and gets a lot of attention for its vibrant color and irregular shape. The Gloriosa Lily is known for its showy flowers with pronounced, flexed petals and changing color from tip to center. Would be a great choice of wedding bouquet for beach weddings with this theme color.

As you can see flowers are not just a pretty sight, there is a whole history and rarity involved too. To some, they are pieces of artwork, and symbols of integrity, class, and significance are rightfully designed to be so. Our world is comprised of so many unique and beautiful elements just like each and every one of these flowers, and not only is their purpose a saving grace for our lives but their brilliance also makes up a large part of our history and thus we must learn to a appreciate the beauty within each of these flowers and realize their worth is far greater than what most of us even know.

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