How To Plan A Valentine's Day Surprise

How To Plan A Valentine's Day Surprise

The Valentine's Day season is getting closer which means loved up couple pics, teddy bears, chocolates, and roses will soon fill our Insta-feed! Every day should be filled with love and appreciation for one another, but Valentine's Day is always an extra special occasion to show appreciation to the people you love and cherish the most. 

You don't have to be extravagant this Valentine's Day to wow her. We've got plenty of sweet & thoughtful suggestions as well as more extravagant ideas (such as 100 Red Roses!) To make an impact it doesn’t have to be all red roses and champagne, all you need is a little creativity and passion to make your loved one feel truly special. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a fancy trip; you can always keep it intimate and plan your perfect date at home. No reservations required and you can really enjoy some one-on-one time! Here are our top tips for a Valentine's Day surprise.

Create a grand entrance and romantic scene

Make sure the surprises begin the moment she walks through the door by decorating the entryway with flowers and sweet notes. Make her swoon with romantic lighting, candles, and your favorite music. If you’re feeling extra-generous, you can always buy an extra bouquet of red roses, and scatter the petals around for a romantic ambiance.

Create a romantic scrapbook

Build a scrapbook with pictures of your time together, captioned with inside jokes and lots of special memories. Try writing her a poem or a heartfelt handwritten letter if you have a way with words. Like presents, you can also write down things you love about her on separate pieces of paper and place them in a jar or envelope.

Make a slideshow or video with a music playlist

The most meaningful gifts are those that are personal and sentimental. Creating a slideshow or video set to music can add a fun twist to a traditional scrapbook. Then you can watch together and see the happiness light up her face!

Surprise her with Food on Valentine’s Day

Food is a great way to a woman's heart, no matter if she's a brunch aficionado, a pizza lover or a taco Tuesday lover. Wow her with your cooking skills and surprise her with a romantic, candle-lit dinner at home. She will really appreciate the effort!

Love Letter

A handwritten love letter is the perfect & most elegant way to convey your feelings this Valentine's Day. Even if you're not feeling poetic, make it personal by handwriting it and using a pretty piece of paper. People have been connecting through handwritten love letters for generations. Among the most famous love letters are those written by (and to) noted actors, authors and artists, including Marlene Dietrich, Ernest Hemingway, Grace Kelly  and Elizabeth Taylor.

Special delivery of flowers

Valentine’s Day celebrations are incomplete without flowers. However, buying Valentine’s flowers for that special someone can be a daunting task for some newbies… but it doesn't have to be. By the time you're finished ordering with us, you'll be a flower sending expert, a moment-making maestro, and a bloom-sniffing expert. So here’s to love, here’s to you, and here’s to never fearing flower buying ever again.

Top Tip 1: Order Your Valentine Flowers Early

There's nothing worse than trying to order flowers for your sweetheart for Valentine's Day only to discover your florist is out of stock! For Valentine's Day, it’s never too early to order flowers! We advise you all to order early.You will feel confident (and maybe a bit cocky) about being a couple of steps ahead of everyone else on the big day after ordering early. You can also increase the chance of getting the exact product you want by ordering early.  You can then concentrate on planning the rest of your romantic surprise without distraction or fear of showing up without flowers on Valentine's Day.

Top Tip 2: Order High Quality Flowers

Step away from the supermarket nonsense. If you're buying flowers for someone who means a lot to you (and someone you want to impress, nonetheless), you want them to be high quality and to look good.They’re representing you and your love, after all! Ordering flowers from the right place is so important, with over 11,000 5 star reviews online, is always going to be the way to go. 

Top Tip 3: Know The Meaning Of Flowers

Flowers are full of special meanings. In a bouquet, different shades and blooms can communicate different messages. Go for the classic red rose to send a message of passion & love or white roses for a bright new relationship! Roses have a wonderful fragrance and therefore are associated with love, passion, and beauty. If you believe a different color might fit your sweetheart, red isn’t the only option. Pink roses and white roses also make thoughtful gifts. Thinking about how many roses to get for Valentine’s day? A dozen roses always make a powerful symbol of love and devotion.

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