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Looking for fresh new ideas to bring some joy & design to your home? Decorating with is easier than you think. No matter the season, we love flowers in the home. But now that we're going back an hour and winter is appearing, we're feeling the pop of colour and floral love even more!

Colourful and atmospheric or whites & neutrals, the latest floral collection from has something for all tastes of home decor ideas.

When decorating your home, be style confident and use flowers to make an elegant statement, or just add a few subtle flower vases to bring hints of colour into your rooms.

Living room decor ideas

Bring your coffee table area to life with a glass vase. You can also add a Brooks and Shoals candle to complete the sleek look.

We recommend: Pink Roses and Pink Lily in a vase with Brooke and Shoals Scented candle for your living room.

This arrangement is very elegant, featuring Pink large-headed roses with Pink Oriental lilies and eucalyptus leaves in a contemporary glass vase.

This gift set comes with Brooke and Shoals Scented candle combines the heady fragrance of white lily with the sensual notes of ylang ylang to create and aroma that is calming & restorative.

Modern Home Decor: Classic White Scented Lily Vase

A neutral bouquet can complement a bright backdrop in a living room, kitchen or entrance hall. We recommend our White Scented Lily Vase for modern home decor

The ever-popular Oriental lily is one of our favourites. For this magnificent display, we’ve chosen the finest quality fresh White 'Santandar' lilies and carefully arranged them in a tall ceramic vase with eucalyptus cinerea. The result is an exquisite centrepiece of natural beauty with a wonderful heady scent.

Featuring White Oriental lilies with eucalyptus, presented in a ceramic vase it adds style and class to any home decor. We also love this for special occasions like a family dinner, family party or for those already thinking another Christmas home decor

Bedroom Decor

Why should your dining table get to enjoy the blooms all by itself? Bedrooms need some style too!

Bring some stylish decor to your very own bedside table with a Lavender Vase. You can wake up beside beautiful shades of lilacs and purples, these stunning shades really perk up a bedside table table. They can also complement the bedding without being too matchy-matchy as well.

We recommend: Lavender Floral in a Vase with free upgrade - Automatically applied after checkout

Birthday Decorations At Home

Who doesn’t love to be surprised on their birthday at home? Leave your loved one speechless by decorating your home with lots of balloons and flowers for their birthday!

Balloons are the classic birthday decoration & always create a big impact. What’s a better way to add color and set a cheerful atmosphere for a birthday gathering than balloons and some fresh flowers? If the party is more on the sophisticated side, stick to one or two colors and ask one team to match the arrangement with the balloons- simple but chic.

The decorations are the ones that set the party atmosphere! We have a selection of balloons you can add on to any bouquet!

Whether the birthday girl is in Dublin, Donegal, Roscommon, Galway, Limerick, Wexford, Cork or anywhere in Ireland, we can deliver across all of Ireland. Who wouldn't like to receive such a beautiful gift delivered directly to their door!

And PS: have you forgotten a birthday? We’ve all been there! Luckily we offer same day delivery on orders placed before 2pm in Dublin, Galway, Kildare, Wicklow and Meath.

We recommend: Pretty Pink Hatbox with Birthday Balloon and Prosecco Rosé

Office Home Decor

A dedicated work space in your home helps you set aside household distractions and focus on work. Adding some fresh flowers to your desk will inspire a positive and work-friendly space in your own home.

We all know if can become a place associated with work only - so why not make it a positive and inspiring space by adding fresh flowers regularly? You make even increase your work productivity and find new ideas and inspiration!

We recommend: Vibrant in a Vase. Our signature vibrant vase is colourful & energetic. It will give you that boost when you start work every morning

Luxury Home Decor:

We all want to make our home feel luxurious from time to time! In most homes, it’s the accessories and small details that make the difference and the biggest impact.

Open any magazine, meticulously put together by the world’s most talented designers and pages filled with luxury home images. One thing they all mostly agree on is - fresh flower arrangements!

Fortunately, you don’t need to have a huge budget or be an expert in design to create a show stopping look in your home.

With so many different kinds of beautiful flower arrangements available online, including the Brooks and Shoals candle as accessories for living room and kitchen decor, there’s something for everyone at

We supply flowers to some of Ireland’s most elegant homes and to many Irish celebrities.

You can shop our luxury collection on our website, the most popular is the Purple Florence!

Benefits of Having Flowers in Your Home

Having flowers in your home increased happiness, reduces depression and anxiety and actually can increase emotional contact with friends and family.

  • Flowers reduce stress
  • They release oxygen and clean the air!
  • Add a sense of elegance to your space.
  • You'll feel more in touch with nature.
  • Elevate your mood.
  • Positively influence your sense of smell.
  • Get the satisfaction of caretaking.
  • Add a pop of color to your rooms.