Get Into The Halloween Spirit With Spooky Flowers

Happy Halloween to all of our followers! People celebrate Halloween all over the world, but did you know many of the customs associated with it originated in Ireland? The Ancient Irish celebrated Samhain, the first day of winter, on November 1st. The eve of this day, Oíche Shamhna, (Halloween) October 31st, has in Ireland traditionally been a time of feasting, dressing up and fun games. 

Whether you throw a spooky party, light a bonfire, dress up in costume, watch scary movies, or indulge yourself with sweet treats, Halloween’s all about gathering with friends, family, and neighbors in the spirit of having some good, old-fashioned fun. 

Our favorite way to celebrate the spirit of Halloween is with ghoulish and ghostly floral designs for Halloween!



Flowers Linked To Magic & Superstition 


Did you know? Flowers, magic and folklore have long been intertwined in Ireland, with many of our most beautiful blooms weaving their way into the magical spells and superstitions over time. To welcome the witching season we have picked out the most spooky flowers that are certain to make you think whether flowers are naughty or nice!



Red Roses

We often think of roses as romantic, but did you know their origins and superstitions ? Dating back to Greek mythology, the creation of red roses have been linked to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. It is believed that when Aphrodite came across her lover, Adonis, who was wounded by a wild boar, a mixture of her tears and his blood produced a beautiful red rose bush when they hit the ground.  Why not add some red roses to your Halloween Decorations to add a gothic, romantic feel to your home? We even include a complimentary glass vase when delivering it to you.




If you’re walking in an Irish wood and see a large patch of primroses, tread softly, as you’ve stumbled upon the gateway to a fairy kingdom. Irish folklore tells that leaving these flowers on doorsteps attracts magical fairies, who will then bless the house and protect it. Just don’t let your primroses die, lest you terribly offend them.



Halloween decor ideas


Create a spooky spot with candles and fresh flowers. 

Design a frighteningly delightful area with ambiance in a corner or your tabletop. Start your decor with gothic candelabras filled with drippy colorful candles, and add in other seasonal Halloween elements, such as pumpkins, nuts and a sunflower or red roses bouquet.

The best part about this eerie look is that it’s created using household items you may already have on hand, so you can use your creativity! 

Place an order for your favorite flowers, and style them in vases tucked in between the pumpkins. (Don’t forget to keep the flames away from flammable items as you decorate the area!)



Make a Pumpkin Vase

For a creative and spooky spin on the traditional, paint your pumpkin a gothic or colorful look and add some flowers. To make this Halloween centerpiece, carve a deep hole in the top of a pumpkin, then slide in a plastic cup to create a vase. Fill with water and a medley of bright blossoms. Keep your bouquet fresh by stripping away leaves and removing everything below the bloom to ensure that the stem reaches the water. Snip the stems on a 45-degree angle so they’ll suck up more water. Recut them and replace the water daily

To keep with traditional fall Halloween colors, our Vibrant bouquet is spot-on.



Give your pumpkins a serious floral upgrade. 

Why not turn a real pumpkin into boo-tiful floral arrangement? Simply start off by drilling a hole in the pumpkin for each bloom. To style, simply insert the flowers, and spritz with water to keep them fresh.



Play the mad scientist with brightly colored blooms.

This Halloween decor idea is really simple to DIY! Old measuring glasses, scientific test tubes, and flasks can often be associated with Halloween, horror stories and mad scientists.  Our brightly colored bouquets, such as Lavender and Vibrant Vase, are perfect for splitting up into multiple vessels.


Photo courtesy of A Kailo Chic Life.


With just a few supplies, you can be well on your way to designing a beautiful floral arrangement for your scary festivities. 

No matter how you celebrate Halloween—full of fun or packed with frights—be sure to add fresh flower delivery to your list! Decorating with fall arrangements adds a beautiful element to the autumn season. Find our specialty collection of best selling bouquets here. Happy haunting!