Flowers That Will Change Your Home's Vibe

It’s a brand new year and we are all filled with hope & positivity for the year ahead! The saying goes, that all change begins at home, so we believe in starting there! Does your home feel uninspiring and dull? If you've been stuck in a rut and lacking inspiration at home, we're here to share one way to bring some positive energy into your home ―and it is as simple as adding some beautiful blossoms to add some style to your home! Need some inspiration for flower decorations at home? Different kinds of decor trends drift in and out of style, but there’s one form of accessorizing that will never lose its allure—the effortlessly elegant floral arrangement. Perfect for any room of the house, the best flowers for your home will lift your interior instantly.

Many people are firm believers that you can bring rejuvenating energy and change up the vibe in your home with the help of fresh flowers. Certain flowers are thought to manifest success, prosperity, peace, and even love. A combination of the right flower type and a glass vase (which include) can really amplify your chosen aesthetic and change your home's vibe. Not sure whether to channel modern cool or to go big and bright? We round up seven inspiring ways to welcome flowers into your home. If you're looking for ideas and ways to breathe new life into your home while cultivating good vibes, here are some of the best flowers to change the vibe!

Lilies - for a calming atmosphere & peaceful vibe to your home.

Not only do lilies have a beautiful fragrance, lilies make excellent flowers for the home whether it's adding a relaxing vibe to your bedroom, a peaceful harmony in the kitchen or harmonizing office space, these flowers change the vibe in your home in more ways than one. They not only brighten up a living space, but are also excellent at cleaning the air of the room they are in. If you're seeking a calming atmosphere in your home, the white lily signifies peace and purity. According to Feng Shui, the Peace lily calms and harmonizes the energy of the house or office.

Lilies are amazing plants to have in our offices as they are even proven to absorb positive ions, which surround computers, televisions and other electronic goods. It is also believed to be an effective healing plant for cleansing indoor air and neutralizing common pollutants.

Taking care of lilies: they do not like direct sunlight, which may burn their leaves. They prosper well in shady areas or indoors with moderate light.Too little water causes the leaves to wilt or turn yellow. Do not let the soil get dry keep watering frequently so that soil stays moist.

Sunflowers - for joyful vibes & positive energy


Sunflower possibly surpasses all others in terms of its universal power to bring joyful vibes! With a round face and bright yellow petals resembling rays of sunshine, the sunflower has important cultural and spiritual significance around the world for generations. Another staple in feng shui, sunflowers are thought to spread happiness, joy and prosperity around the home. If you have a big promotion on the horizon or could just use a little positive energy, there's no harm in bringing one of these joyful flower arrangements into your home!

Like the sun’s own radiance, sunflowers send positive vibes around the room. They are the perfect flowers to bring more joy to any room in your home and to put a smile on someone’s face. As they turn to face the sun, sunflowers remind people of those who seek deeper spiritual understanding and even enlightenment. 

With, you can choose between the sunflowers collection, or add a colorful twist with our best selling Vibrant Vase - which includes sunflowers with various flowers including yellow Roses, Solidago, Carnations and Eucalyptus foliage to create a cornucopia of vibrance.

Red Roses - for Romantic Vibes In Home 

Is there anything classier and more elegant than a vase of Red Roses in your home? If you want a delicate touch of aroma, romance and elegant charm around the house this year - just add a vase of red roses. They not only smell beautiful and look Instagram-worthy, but red roses are also the best option for attracting more romance and passion into your life! Red rose flower displays are a timeless way to elevate a simple area into an evocative setting full of aromas and textures that enhance the room’s style, and exude a romantic vibe that works in every season.  

The red rose has been famously portrayed in films, books and songs for thousands of years - becoming renowned as the ultimate flower of true love, romance and desire. Additionally, the classic red rose vases are suitable for dull and lifeless rooms with only a few decoration, and will even increase the sense of connection and passion between you and your loved one.

Throughout history, red roses were known to be a symbol of desire. Romans would even place roses in their bedrooms to represent the love and beauty that Venus was known for. Roman emperors were also known for using them as confetti for celebrations filling their bathtubs with rose petals . Their pleasant-smelling fragrance graced many Romans’ rooms and continued adding to the love and desire meaning behind roses that we have today!

Red Roses are surprisingly easy to take care of also! Make sure to trim the stems and change their water regularly.

Feeling inspired to add some flowers to your home? If you're looking for ideas and ways to bring good vibes into your home, here are some of our top picks below: