Flowers That Say I Love You

Flowers That Say I Love You


Love can come in many forms, and flowers are definitely the prettiest & most meaningful way to express your true feelings when there are no words for how much you love someone. The eloquent tradition of expressing your love & devotion with flowers dates back hundreds of years. All love is romantic love, and every flower has its very own unique and special sentiment, which will give your flower bouquet a specific significance – from romantic love, passionate love, a loving friendship, a mothers love or unending love – so whatever love you wish to express, we are here to help you in choosing with all the best tips, knowledge and floral advice!


What are the best roses for saying “I Love You”?

It may be a cliche, but red roses are the best flowers for saying “I Love You” because the color is associated with passion and romantic love. The talented florist team in choose the high quality Naomi roses for our vases and hatboxes, which have the perfect intense red that oozes luxury, and the large petals are velvety in texture and are complemented well by dark green leaves in the vase.


Red roses 

Symbolism: Passion, love, desire, romance.


You can’t go wrong with classic red roses…the way to any woman's heart! A bouquet of red roses conveys the message that you are head over heels in love with the recipient.

Red roses are the epitome of old-school romance. The red rose meaning actually originates all the way back from the Greek & Roman legends, and if you think of any romantic film or love song (or Instagram post) you’re bound to think of red roses! The color red symbolizes love, beauty, courage, respect, romance, and a bouquet from is sure to impress your partner. For generations, classic red roses have captured the hearts of lovers everywhere. For an extra romantic touch, write a meaningful note or poem to accompany your bouquet that they can treasure for years to come.  

Meaning of Numbers of Red Roses

The number of red rose flowers in a flower bouquet or a flower arrangement also plays a significant role in determining their meanings.

  • A single red rose means “Love at first sight”
  • 2 red roses flower symbolize mutual love
  • 12 red roses stand for every month of the year and bear the promise that you will love your partner throughout the year. As there are 12 months in a year and 12 numbers on a clock and 12 zodiac signs, many believe that 12 is the number that symbolizes a complete life cycle. Thus 12 red roses is the symbol of lifelong love and companionship.
  • 24 red roses : the number 24 represents the hours in a day, so if you send someone 24 roses, it means they are always on your mind and that you love and appreciate them all day long.
  • 100 bouquet red roses that you’ll love the person till you die


White Rose Roses:

Symbolism: First love, eternal love & loyalty

White roses are so chic & beautiful, and can be just as romantic as red roses when given in the right circumstance! White Roses have gained huge popularity over the last few years, and carry the special message “I am the one for you”. Sending a bouquet of white roses tells the recipient that you are loyal and devoted. 

Only started dating someone recently? White roses can be an excellent choice for burgeoning relationships too, as they can also signify a brand new start and hope for a bright and loving future. If you think you’ve found the ideal partner, but the relationship is still fresh, you can’t go wrong by sending elegant white roses. 


Red and White Roses Together

“We are a great match” Send a mixed bouquet of red and white roses to our Valentine to signify unity.


Pink Rose

Symbolism:  sweetness, affection, and femininity

Pink roses are a safe choice to send to someone who you haven’t shared the ‘L’ word with. Just as romantic a gesture as giving red roses but without the depth of sentiment. Pink roses show real appreciation, grace, admiration, and gentleness. Pretty pink blooms are a very girly choice, and make a lovely gesture to make sure they feel loved, even if it is just a friendly token of affection. You can present white roses to your date in a glass vase, or consider gifting a classy hatbox filled with white roses. 



Symbolism: Devotion, loyalty, loving friendship

Of course, if you’re celebrating platonic love—say, for Galentine's Day —you’ll want to go with something that signifies friendship. Skip the red roses and go for sunflowers.  Yellow is the color of true friendship. Yellow roses can also signify new beginnings and remembrance, but on Valentine’s Day, this color is often chosen when sending roses to a close friend. The color yellow radiates joy and positive energy, and can brighten up anyone's day, especially if they are recently single. The joyful & cheerful Sunflowers symbolize devotion and loyalty, and also makes them a symbol of positivity and hope for the future, ideal to give to someone you plan on having a long relationship with. It’s also a really touching way to show your love for a friend who’s been there for you! Since yellow is the color of friendship, it’s a really good way to show your friend how much you love them!