Celebrate International Women’s Day with flowers

To celebrate International women's day with flowers is a nicest way to convey your beloved how much do they actually matter.  International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8th. To support them, women all over the world are shown how much they are appreciated on this special day.

Women’s Day is a day for men, and women among themselves, to show appreciation and love for women. Not only wives are surprised with flowers, but also girlfriends, mothers, sisters, nieces, colleagues and school teachers. Every year, we celebrate womanhood in this way, by putting women all over the world in the spotlight. Join in and pay tribute to the most important women in your life with flowers.

Say it with flowers….

Flowers may not speak but they capture our imagination and show appreciation. Flowers symbolise respect, love, friendship and gratitude. Flowers really mean something to women. Their unique colours, history and fragrances of flowers give each flower arrangement their own language. 

What’s the theme for 2022?

The theme for the International Women’s Day 2022 was announced by UN Women December: “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” A key mission this year is to advance gender equality in the time of the climate crisis through women’s leadership.

Colors of International Women’s Day 

The colour purple is officially associated with the day. Originating from the Women’s Social and Political Union in the UK in 1908, where women’s equality is represented by the colors purple, green, and white. The color purple represents all the efforts to attain gender equality. Because of that, celebrations of Women’s Day across the globe frequently incorporate wearing the color purple as a form of support to women. 

Here are our top five picks for this year’s International Womens Day:

  1. Pink Roses and Pink Lily in a vase

Did you know? Lilies are a symbol of motherhood, passion, and beauty which makes them a fantastic choice for International Women’s Day. We have a Lily and Pink Rose vase, the perfect balance between romance and beauty. 

  1. White Scented Lily Vase

The ever-popular Oriental lily is one of our favourites. For this magnificent display, we’ve chosen the finest quality fresh White 'Santandar'  lilies and carefully arranged them in a tall ceramic vase with eucalyptus cinerea. The result is an exquisite centrepiece of natural beauty with a wonderful heady scent.

  1. Lavender Floral in a Vase

Purple is the official colour of International Womens Day. Purple is the colour of loyalty, constancy to purpose, unswerving steadfastness to a cause. What better gift than our Lavender in a vase. 

This exquisite vase arrangement contains a vibrant selection in hues of lilac, purples, pinks and blues, including large headed lavender coloured roses, purple lisianthus, blue and pink statice and pink veronica with seasonal foliage, delivered in our signature vase.  

  1. Tulips In A Vase

Tulips are just right for International Women’s Day because they are the symbol of true love. Because tulips are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, they can also are a beautiful symbol for rebirth.

Our Tulips are sourced from the finest bulb farms in the Netherlands and are shipped to to us on a daily basis and carry our freshness guarantee.

We offer a mixed vase of tulips from our florists who’ve combined assorted pink, white, yellow and orange tulips with seasonal blossom, skilfully arranged and delivered promptly. 

  1. 12 Long Stem Red Roses in a vase

Nothing expresses love quite like a vase full of the finest, large headed Naomi red roses. Make the woman in your life feel loved and appreciated on International Womens Day. Our skilled florists select only the finest red roses, combine them with elegant Irish grown eucalyptus leaves and hand arrange the bouquet in a glass vase, to create this perfect gift for your special someone.

Order online today for the special women in your life ahead of time.

The hashtag #BreakTheBias is a focal point for this year’s campaign to raise awareness and rally for gender equality.


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