Spathiphyllum Bingo Cupido / Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum ‘Bingo Cupido’ or Peace Lily, is a low-maintenance indoor plant with attractive white flowers.  Native to South America it has powerful air-purifying qualities. Looked after it will last for years.

Care tip:
Spathiphyllum likes a moderate light or shady place, away from direct sunlight.  Try not to allow it to go too long without water.  Water well when the leaves begin to droop Add some plant food to the water about once a month. If it stops flowering, move to a cooler area, reduce watering and after a few weeks return to its usual spot. 

Variety:    Spathiphyllum Bingo Cupido
Height:            65 cm
Plant Pot size: 17 cm
Ceramic pot holder included

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