Phlebodium Aureum Blue Star

A fascinating and funky fern, less delicate in appearance than many of its contemporaries. The sturdy, elongated, blue-green fronds curl into non-conforming straps, spilling from the plant in a delightfully higgledy-piggledy manner.

A great, undemanding houseplant, providing a perfect background for other foliage plants or to soften a dark corner.

Care tip:
Phlebodium Blue Star enjoys low to moderate light conditions and so is ideal for homes and offices. Avoid exposing to direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist at all times, watering when the surface becomes slightly dry. Do not allow to stand in water. Prefers higher humidity levels where possible. Mist occasionally for best results. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Take care not to over-feed, they don't need a lot.

Variety: Phlebodium Blue Star
Height: 50 cm
Plant Pot size: 17 cm
Ceramic pot included

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