Top five tips for decorating your home this Christmas with Hartgrove Home

"Flowers bring a tablescape to life and add to the conversation at the dining table" 

The most anticipated holiday is almost here again!

The festive season always gives us a great excuse to delve into the latest festive decor trends and have fun incorporating them into our homes. To keep with the excitement of the season, we’ve enlisted the help one of Irelands most popular and most loved decor-influencers Luke (aka @hartgrovehome) to share his tips on how to decorate our home for Christmas.

With an incredible 109k following - Luke is one of the most watched interior influencers ever in Ireland and he's got a huge audience who are obsessed with his stylish home. Read on for his ultimate guide to holiday decor!

What are you top tips for decorating your home at Christmas? 
Always start with the Christmas tree. It's a staple piece that will take usually the longest to do. Tree goes up, lights then are added. I focus on creating my topper by hand every year. The larger scale decorations first and space them evenly around the tree, then I fill the insides with big baubles and accessories. Now it's time to add the final touches with balls balls and more balls. A full tree and lights to brighten up any room is the way to go. Never damage your walls.Command hooks will save lives and always make sure you have your scents at Christmas topped up. My go to is the Kotanical diffuser with beautifully blended oil's that have my home smelling wonderful for any season. Everyone comments on the smell of my home and that brings joy to my ears. 

    What are your top tips for an elegant tablescape over the festive season.. we love looking at the stunning attention to detail on your dinner table decor!
    My top tips for tablescaping are layers. Always go for a eye catching dinnerware. The devils in the details - always remember the small items. Candle holders, diffusers, ornaments and of course flowers. Flowers bring a tablescape to life and add to the conversation at the dining table. Don't forget to layer a dark table with light dinner wear or vice versa. Have contrast and something on your tablescape that really brings a focal point to a room and for obvious reasons finish off the table with beautiful glasses for guests to comment on. It's all about the glamour when it comes to tablescaping. 
    Have you got a special theme for decorating your home this Christmas or do you just follow your heart? 
    I tend to follow whatever my theme is for the room I am decorating. The living room is deep, dark and moody with tones of grey, gold and black. I like to go luxury with the decor in my living space as it is the most luxurious room in my home. Layering different golds with an overload of lights and candles everywhere perfectly finishes off that room. The kitchen I went with a forest icicle theme this year. I stuck with frosted whites and hints of green with eucalyptus and shimmering tree's. It fits the kitchen area perfectly and feels like a complete change to the living space. I always go with what my heart tells me, but that being said it always has to have a theme. I need structure and things can't be out of place. I am a perfectionist at heart and I think thats why I focus on the small details.
    Will you be placing a Christmas Wreath on your door? 
    I always place a wreath on my door for Christmas. This is such a warm welcome when it comes to having friends and family over or just beautiful people to walk by and notice it. I always have my decor commented on by neighbours, friends and family. A lot take inspiration from what I do on socials and it's a joy to see. A wreath is a must for all year round also. I have one for every season of the year. 
    When do you put up your Christmas Tree & do you have any special rituals or traditions that you do every year? 
    Years ago I put it up around the last week of December when I was renting for several years. Now that I have my own home and considering it takes me three 10 hour days to decorate I now put them up at the start of November. Some people say it's to early, but there is no rules when it comes to decorating your own home. I like to enjoy it as its very time consuming for me, but I love to do it. I have great time for attention to detail. I always spend around 4 hours per tree to get it exactly the way I want it. I say do what makes you happy. It brings cheer, good times and light to your day and evening as you settle down and pop open that champange!!
    Luke, you’ve moved into your dream home, tell us all about this journey & how you’ve enjoyed decorating the interiors.
    The journey was a long process, but we got there in the end thankfully. We put a deposit on our home in January 2020 and in March 2020 coronavirus struck the world. We didn't know what was going to happen and it was scary to think of the unthinkable about loosing the house. We stayed strong and worked through everything that challenged us and in September of that year we got the keys to our home. It was such a touch and challenging time for us with not knowing what would happen and if we would have to pull out altogether. We had faith and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. I am 2 years in my home and I wouldn't change it for the world. I have a creative backround so interior design is something that I always loved and has a passion for. I started room by room from most important to least important and that is a key goal when decorating a home. Always finish a room and don't move onto the next until it's complete. I find a lot do this and take years to bring it all togehter.  I have done majority of the work myself. From endless hours of painting, panneling walls, gardening, lighting and everything in between. I have the attitude of try it yourself and don't be afraid. I have enjoyed it so much that I am starting the decorating process again. I'm forever changing things around as I love change and I love to create my own trends. 


    You’ve grown your social media account @hartgrovehome by  a phenomenal over 100k this year! Tell us why you started this account & the journey it’s taken you on: 
    I started the account as I have a passion for interiors and interior design. I never imagined that I would have over 100k followers. It was never for the following, numbers or anything else. I love sharing my ideas with like minded people and creating a instagram family through messaging and gathering inspiration for myself. It has been an incredible year so far. I have worked with so many brands across the past year. From working with The Venetian in Las Vegas to decorating my home with luxury furnishings from Mkelly Interiors. I have travelled around Ireland, the UK and some of europe and across the sea to America. It has been a dream to get this far. Sometimes I sit back and say how did I get here? I am so humble and appreciative of everything that has happened so far. I am now signed with Andrea Roche Agency which is Ireland's leading influencer agency and have signed my first brand ambassador role for 2023. The sky is the limit and I won't stop as it's what I love to do. It's my main focus of my career at the moment. Never give up on yourself and always focus on you to achieve what you want.
    Is there any Christmas movies you love watching? 
    My favourite Christmas movie is The Snowman. As a child I remember watching this on repeat for many years when I lived with my family. It always stuck in my head as a child and there's something about it that brings me back to living with my grandparents, the smell of Christmas dinner, the fire on and family around me. It's something that I will always remember and it will always will be a special movie to me.
    Your known to inspire others with your home and garden designs, is that any people or accounts that inspire you? 
    - Thank you. It's great to be able to inspire people about their home and designs as a lot of people have wonderful idea's, but are unsure on how to pair them right. I am always there to give tips and tricks and a helping hand to anyone. I love helping people out when they need it. I absolutely adore Shauna Kelly Interiors for some beautiful inspiration. I absolutely love her designs and technique of how she works with her team and watching the finished product. It's always nice to follow people who inspire you and at the same time have people who you inspire. I never thought I would be that for somebody, but I guess I am and I am thrilled.
    Top five tips for decorating your home this Christmas.. 
    1. Start early and leave all that Christmas time to spend with friends and family. 
    2. Make sure to have your decorations organised for the following year. The last thing you want to do is spend hours detangling those lights.
    3. Always listen to Christmas music when you start. It can be a lenghty process so you want to uplift your mood and get into the spirit. 
    4. Get help when doing any outdoor lights. It might look easy, but the last thing you want is an accident. Decorations can be heavy. Always be safe.
    5. Fill your room with candles and Christmas scents like pine and eucalyptus. This is one of my favourite things to do. Ambience is key and this is what will bring a cosy mood to any room.
    6. Add some flower arrangements to your table or hallway.

    You can follow Luke on @hartgrovehome for all the most stunning pics, reels and decor ideas!